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Hansen Dx provides a variety of diagnostic testing services for veterinary reference labs, teaching hospitals, and clinics, including:

Anaplasma Phago Cytophilia IFA
Antinuclear Antibody IFA
AIDS Virus Antibody IFA
Babesia Canis IFA
Brucella Canis IFA
Calicivirus Antibody IFA
Coronavirus Antibody IFA
Distemper Antibody IFA
Distemper Antigen IFA
Ehrlichia Canis IFA
Heartworm Antibody ELISA
Heartworm Antibody IFA
Heartworm Antigen ELISA
Herpes Virus Antibody IFA
Leishmania Titer IFA
Leukemia Virus Antibody ELISA
Leukemia Virus Antigen ELISA
Leukemia Virus Antigen IFA
Lymes Titer IFA